The Institute

The Institute “Regina Margherita” is located in the heart of Trastevere, one of the most typical of the historic center of Rome. Our school was the first public school in Rome and among the first in Italy inaugurated in 1888 by the queen of their own which still bears the name. Located in a large nineteenth-century building (placed under protection as a building of national interest), already with its architecture represents the Italian stroria education. The year of foundation, in fact, coincides with two founding moments in the history of the Italian school:

  • the publication of the first programs to primary school, linked to the name of the educator Aristide Gabelli, who are one of the most significant expressions of pedagogical Italian positivism;
  • the publication of the “Regulations and instructions for the execution of technical hygiene law on July 8, 1888 school buildings.”

The building, designed by the architect and engineer D’Ambrosio answers to all regulatory guidelines and technical recommendations of hygiene and, just for being the first building built in Rome in accordance with these requirements, served as a model for the modern school building.

The building was used as a primary school male and female elementary school, for the first time in Rome, in kindergarten.

The initial nucleus, were added over time the school called the media “Ugo Foscolo” and the primary school “Gian Giacomo Badini” Aventine.

In the atrium of the building there are two entries that resemble the inauguration of the “big building in pure style of the fifteenth century (…) the first school building truly worthy of the name that has arisen in Rome” (from “The Italian illustration “August 19, 1888, n.35, p.32).

After more than a hundred and twenty years old, we remember with pride that our history is the story of an entire community.