Indirizzo musicale

THE COURSE TO MUSICAL flute violin piano saxophone

The school implements Foscolo - in line with the objectives of the teaching of music in general that provide technical foundations of a musical instrumentand in line with the new plan the legal order - an expansion of training with a three year course in musical direction which includes the study of one of the following four instruments: piano, violin, flute and saxophone.

A little ‘history: The experience of Middle Schools Address Musicale was founded almost 30 years ago as an experiment; were very few schools to implement and among these, in Rome, there was a middle school Foscolo. It was 1979; From that moment the spread of SMIM has become increasingly widespread and experimental courses passed to sort in 1999 (Law 124 of 03/05/99 and 06/08/99 the DM 201). It was the just and due recognition to a pedagogical line that had proved valid and effective over the years. The courses specializing in music had become in fact a reality of the learning-education of exceptional quality for the entire school system of our country. In all these years, thousands of children have had the opportunity to face in their school, the study of a musical instrument in a professional and thorough, integrating and linking this musical discipline with other disciplines in the curriculum, activating an educational and important determinant for their training and experience not just a marginal and isolated. The exceptional experience then the Ensemble”, which is activated in these schools has allowed many kids to play in large and small musical groups and participate in real orchestral experiences as essays, concerts, festivals, competitions and twinning with other schools.

How it is organized: The course takes place in the afternoon at term time teaching the class group. The instrument lessons are in fact individuals or small groups: there are two teaching hours per week of which - consistent with the total number of pupils per class of instrument - an individual and a collective for each student. With the progress of the technical skills students are placed in the orchestral training school, staying in school for another hour weekly according to the commitments for the preparation of concerts, exhibitions and competitions planned for the current year. If the class schedule permits pupils tool will fusufruire the canteen service. The students of the course of the instrument need not necessarily belong to the same group class may come from both classes in normal time is extended by the time it is desirable to form a single class with musical direction because all share the music experience with their peers creates a formidable cohesion that stimulates the commitment and desire to improve. For this reason and for the commitment to study a subject in more leads, the request upon registration of the section in normal time, it gives the right of priority in access to the course.

Educational purposes of teaching instrumental:
promotes the formation of individual’s global offering, through a musical experience made ​​more complete by the study of an instrument, opportunities for maturation logic, expressive and communicative awareness of their own identity and therefore ability to make choices;
allows a consistent appropriation of the language of music in its entirety, as a means of expression and communication, shared understanding of the heritage of the different civilizations, the development of aesthetic taste and critical judgment;
model integrates the curriculum with courses that develop in the student disciplinary addition to the Cognitive Dimensions also the practical-operational, the aesthetic and emotional, that improvisativo-composition;
provides additional opportunities for integration and growth to students at a disadvantage but also allows you to strengthen and enhance the excellence.


Additions to the Regulation of the Institute:

Resolution of C.d.I. 4 May 2009:


It adds to the Rules of the Institute the following article:

If the pupils of musical instrument had not been able to confirm with the necessary commitment and performance (with at least enough profit and / or with a number of absences of less than one-third maximum), the fitness achieved in the aptitude tests, on the recommendation of teacher of the instrument and on the Board of Class competent, they will continue to address the ongoing music.

Approved unanimously.